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WhatsApp for PC

"WhatsApp for PC the best instant messaging application on your personal computer. How to download WhatsApp for PC free and install in your computer"

WhatsApp for PC allows you to keep in touch with your friends as if you had the application installed in your Smartphone. WhatsApp for PC is the messaging application of most-downloaded in many countries and chosen as best chat app to millions of users. Download WhatsApp for PC free and enjoy with this app and share images, text messages with your friends.

WhatsApp for Computer is a very intuitive application that you can use from your home. This app is designed so that anyone, man, woman, student or professional can easily download it. The application can be downloaded in Smartphone, Tablet, Smart PC or as here we'll tell you on your computer.

WhatsApp for PC opens the possibility to enjoy the app's chat in our home, work or place of study, and thus download App for PC without Smartphone.

Download WhatsApp for PC free the fashion chat app on your computer

Install WhatsApp for PC is the best alternative for all those users who not do without their favorite application. It is also ideal for all people that do not have Smartphone and want to participate in chat groups with his friends. For this reason, and for being one of the most downloaded apps worldwide WhatsApp is chosen by many users.

If you wish to download WhatsApp for PC or this application to other platforms access to the official website from this link.

Download WhatsApp for PC free

Download WhatsApp for PC free in your computer or laptop

Download WhatsApp on your computer is easier than it seems. To install the chat app on our PC we will need 3 things:

-Install an Android emulator on the PC
-Download app from the emulator
-A mobile phone number to register the application

A number of phone only for WhatsApp for computer

It is important to know that a mobile phone number that you are not using with WhatsApp on a Smartphone is needed to install WhatsApp on PC. We can not register this app with a number that we have already used to record the application in a mobile phone. Anyway, there are free online services provided a mobile number free (as Fonyou).

These services we can provide a mobile number free of charge. This opens up the possibility of registering the application without having to pay for having a mobile line. This toll free number will allow us to use the app for your PC. Now users who do not have Smartphone can already enjoy WhatsApp for the computer and be able to stay in touch with their friends and distant relatives.

Download WhatsApp on PC free with the Android emulator

The two best-known Android emulators are Bluestacks and Youwave. Previous versions of Youwave needed registry or you could install as trial version for a few days. We we'll tell how to install WhatsApp for PC with emulator Android Bluestacks.

To install the emulator Android Bluestacks will go to the www.bluestacks.com website. From the official website of the emulator you can download Bluestacks just by clicking on the Download button that appears on the main page. Then start the installation wizard automatically and only in some cases Windows will ask you confirmation for your installation.

Once installed the Android emulator we will seek la app with the help of the magnifying glass icon or with the option to search Bluestacks applications. When WhatsApp in the list we will click on top of it to download it and install it.

Download this app you can choose the site from which to download the app. The installation process is very simple and is equal to which you follow if we do it from a Smartphone. You will have to register the app using a mobile number, enter a user name and country code, and in a few minutes you can enjoy this fantastic app's chat on our computer.

We will have to introduce our contacts numbers initially manually. In the emulator for Android that we have installed on our computer we dont the agenda of mobile contacts.

If we perform all the steps correctly you can enjoy this app free on our personal computer.

We hope that our guide will help you to download and install the app and you can enjoy this application on your computer.

Icons and emoticons of this app

The icons and emoticons that come already from the first versions of WhatsApp are Japanese Emoji keyboard. Many of these emoticons do not seem useful if we do not know its meaning.

Table emoticons and icons:

WhatsApp for computer emoticon Rookie driver emoticon.
Emoticon of anger.
Emoticon as a sign of running away.
  Emoticon representing a cyclone.
  Emoticon to wish good luck.

For lovers of the smiles and emoticons, it is good to know that in shops of renowned prestige, sale and downloading applications such as the Apple Store, there are packs of emoticons available at very competitive prices.